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LIID 266 BONUS: Hunky Jimmy Olsen - Aged Version! by johntrumbull
LIID 266 BONUS: Hunky Jimmy Olsen - Aged Version!
Sometimes with these cover homages to older comics I like to apply an aging effect, as seen in this tutorial from Balloon Tales:…

I think it adds something. Bonus geek points if you can spot the other two changes I made. Enjoy, folks!
LIID 266: Hunky Jimmy Olsen! by johntrumbull
LIID 266: Hunky Jimmy Olsen!
I enjoyed the pilot of the new Supergirl show on CBS very much, but I must admit that I had trouble getting into the new interpretation of Jimmy (Or >sigh< ...JAMES) Olsen. On this show, he's an older, confident, handsome, fashionable, athletically-built guy who's working as an art director of the newsmagazine that Kara Danvers (Supergirl) works for. He doesn't even carry a camera around very much, but I think they've established that he still has a signal watch (the 3rd episode is on my DVR, but I haven't watched it yet). 

But anyway, so far he doesn't have too much in common with the endearingly geeky, bowtied Jimmy Olsen from the comics. So I thought... What if Hunky Jimmy was just another one of his trademark transformations, like Turtle Boy Jimmy, Elastic Lad Jimmy, or Werewolf Jimmy?

A couple of weeks after I had this thought, my friend Xum Yukinori convinced Brian Cronin over at Comics Should Be Good to do a "Bizarro Red Kryptonite Week" for the Line It Is Drawn (Red Kryptonite affects Kryptonians like Superman in weird & unpredictable ways. Bizarro Red K affects anyone in the same way). And since this theme gave me the perfect opportunity to draw up this goofy idea I had, I decided to join in the fun.

This is an homage to the cover of JIMMY OLSEN #80 by Curt Swan. This was the issue that first introduced Bizarro Red Kryptonite. You can see the original cover here:'s_P…

You can see all the other great Bizarro Red Kryptonite transformations here:
LIID 263: Batman Meets John Munch! by johntrumbull
LIID 263: Batman Meets John Munch!
When my FB timeline started telling me that it'd been a year since the last Munch Week, I knew it was time to make a return appearance to the Line to once again draw Richard Belzer interacting with comic book characters. This fit in well with Brian Cronin's stated theme of "Film Noir Week" but c'mon. We all know that it was REALLY Munch Week.

You can see this and all the other 2015 Munch Week entries here:
LIID 212: The All-Robin Squadron! by johntrumbull
LIID 212: The All-Robin Squadron!
I came back to the Line It Is Drawn with #212 for Munch Week 2014 (where Richard Belzer's character of John Munch interacts with comic book characters). I don't remember what the exact suggestion was, but it was something to do with Robins, and it gave me an excuse to finally do the homage to the Rich Buckler/Dick Giordano cover to All-Star Squadron #1 that I'd been wanting to do.

My piece was featured for the "Thanksgiving Leftover" week, as it took me a while to finish the coloring:

All of the other entries from 2014 Munch Week can be seen here:

Hello again!  

Sorry it's been such a LONG time I've updated my journal on here, but I have some exciting news:  Next weekend I will be at the New York Comic Con for ALL FOUR DAYS of the Con, Oct. 10-13!
I'll be sharing Table 1262 with my friend and fellow Line It Is Drawn artist Bill Walko :iconbillwalko:. Here's a sneak peek at all eight NEW prints I should have for sale:
LIID 155 BONUS: Space Ghost and the Super Friends! by johntrumbull LIID 114: Prince Charming meets Han Solo! by johntrumbull LIID 158: Breaking Benton! by johntrumbull LIID 144: Venture Bros. Meets Jonny Quest! by johntrumbull LIID 127: Teen Titans Gone Bad! by johntrumbull
LIID 117: The Dark Knight Shills! by johntrumbullLIID 141: Little Golden Book Arkham Asylum! by johntrumbull LIID 150: Captain Marvels! by johntrumbull 

I'll also have a few left of some of my older prints, including: 

LIID 106: Reboots of Future Past! by johntrumbull LIID 100: Ditko League of America! by johntrumbull LIID Tryout Week 3: Watchmen in Tibet by johntrumbull LIID Week 86: Drowning Aquaman! by johntrumbull  LIID Week 82: March M.O.D.O.K. Madness! by johntrumbull LIID Week 81: Star Wars / Comic Book Mashup! by johntrumbull

All prints (except for the Aquaman one) are either 11x17 or 11x14.  Prints will be $10 apiece, or 3 for $25.  I'll also be doing sketches as time & energy allows.  You can add us to your NYCC Show Planner here:…

So come on out, say hi, and buy some stuff!  See you soon!



John Trumbull
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a freelance cartoonist/illustrator living here in Weird NJ. I'm a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. I've done several jobs for the DC Comics licensing department (the coloring books Batman: Swinging Into Action, Superman: Jailbreak! and Krypto the Superdog: Test Pilot Puppy). My work has also been featured on the websites Comic Book Resources, Comics Alliance, i09, Superpunch, The Dork Review, The Mary Sue, and The Aquaman Shrine.

I've written several articles for BACK ISSUE magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing. As of this writing, they are:

BEYOND CAPES: Nemesis: Balancing the Scales (BI #64, May 2013)
FLASHBACK: A New Beginning… And A Probable End: Batman #s 300 & 400 (BI #69, Dec. 2013)
BEYOND CAPES: 221B at DC: Sherlock Holmes at DC Comics (BI #71, April 2014)
PRO2PRO: Watching the Detective (Comics): Mike W. Barr & Alan Davis (BI #73, July 2014)
FLASHBACK: Shrinking Roles and Shorter Features: The Atom in the Bronze Age (BI #76, Oct. 2014)
FLASHBACK: Swords, Sorcery, and Size-Changing: The Sword of the Atom (BI #76, Oct. 2014)
PRO2PRO ROUNDTABLE: Niven's Tale: Larry Niven, The Green Lantern Bible, and the Guardian Known as Ganthet (BI #80, May 2015)
FLASHBACK: DC Comics Deluxe Reprint Series 1983-1988 (BI #81, July 2015)
FLASHBACK: Crisis on Infinite Crossovers: The Post-Crisis Crossovers of DC Comics (BI #82, Aug. 2015)
I have other features coming up in BI #s 86 & 87 over the next few months.

I also have a text piece in COMIC BOOK CREATOR #2 (Summer 2013) about my former instructor Joe Kubert.

You can order all these issues and more at:

I'm a former contributor to the weekly feature The Line It Is Drawn on the Comic Book Resources Website. You can check it out every week over here: goodcomics.comicbookresources.…

The Line It Is Drawn DA Group page is here: the-line-it-is-drawn.deviantar…

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Your artwork is absolutely sensational and hilarious. You are the fan boy's fanboy who can draw. Great stuff!
johntrumbull Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks very much! I appreciate it!
PJToon75 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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Hello John, Jake here! Glad you've got a dA page, I just added you to my watch! :thumbsup:
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Thank you very much, Jake!
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
I would ask if you could do a LIID of One More Day, but considering how its so well known with out bad it it, might make the idea way too obvious to do lol
johntrumbull Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I have a feeling if we did a OMD theme week, we would just get a bunch of suggestions bashing the story, and God knows there's plenty of that on the internet already. I honestly like to keep my stuff more positive and fun than that.
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
Makes sense, the only reason I suggested that was because I saw your take on the Sins Past story so it just made me think of OMD since JMS was involved in a way. Speaking of which, do you have any thoughts on Maximum Carnage?
johntrumbull Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Nope. Never read it.
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You do an excellent job on your art. Keep up the good work.
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