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LIID 292: Darwyn Cooke Tribute
LIID #292 for 5/27/16: Darwyn Cooke Tribute.

I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do for this one, as I said most of what I wanted to say about Cooke's passing when he went on May 14th. But then I thought of something in wee hours of Wednesday night: Cooke was a guy who followed his muse and went his convictions. 

DC editors wanted Cooke to alter his original story for NEW FRONTIER into one that fit into the current DC continuity, with stuff like Black Canary in the place of Wonder Woman. Cooke recognized that that was ignoring DC's actual publishing history in favor of their rewritten history, and (with the support of publisher Paul Levitz) dug in his heels and refused to do so. And the book was all the better for it.

Cooke left THE SPIRIT book he was doing for DC when he recognized that he was being asked to take it a direction that he felt that it shouldn't go. And he went on to do a personal passion project, adaptations of Richard Stark's PARKER novels, which I'm sure any number of people told him were uncommercial and wouldn't sell. And comics are all the better for it.

So this piece was inspired by the opening line of THE HUNTER, the first PARKER novel by Richard Stark and the first one that Cooke adapted into comics: "When a fresh-faced guy in a Chevy offered him a lift, Parker told him to go to hell."

Thanks for sticking to your guns, Darwyn. We're all the better for it.
LIID 289: Get Well, Xum!
LIID #289 for 5/6/16! DC cover homage to FLASH #123 by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, in homage to my friend Prof. Xum! 

Xum has a had a rough few weeks of it, as he's endured stroke-like symptoms, had THREE (count 'em) THREE tumors removed from his spine, and is currently in a back brace and unable to use his left side. And we Liners take care of our own, so we did a tribute week to the good Professor, featuring one of his favorite things, DC cover homages!

This piece was partly inspired by a FB conversation I had with Xum this week. He was describing the polymer and screw inserts that he got in his spine, and said, "I was hoping for molybdenum... like Cyborg." So that's why Xum is Cyborg in this piece!

I also had the unique challenge of attempting a likeness on someone I've never met face-to-face or seen a photograph of (Xum is like Steve Ditko & doesn't photograph). So this is my likeness of Xum based on his own self-portraits. Funky, huh?

I decided to be a bit more spontaneous on this one, just doing rough pencils before going straight to inks on an overlay, and I think the piece is the better for it. I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. 

You can see the original FLASH cover

Check out all the other great pieces here:
Hello again!  

Sorry it's been such a LONG time I've updated my journal on here, but I have some exciting news:  Next weekend I will be at the New York Comic Con for ALL FOUR DAYS of the Con, Oct. 10-13!
I'll be sharing Table 1262 with my friend and fellow Line It Is Drawn artist Bill Walko :iconbillwalko:. Here's a sneak peek at all eight NEW prints I should have for sale:
LIID 155 BONUS: Space Ghost and the Super Friends! by johntrumbull LIID 114: Prince Charming meets Han Solo! by johntrumbull LIID 158: Breaking Benton! by johntrumbull LIID 144: Venture Bros. Meets Jonny Quest! by johntrumbull LIID 127: Teen Titans Gone Bad! by johntrumbull
LIID 117: The Dark Knight Shills! by johntrumbullLIID 141: Little Golden Book Arkham Asylum! by johntrumbull LIID 150: Captain Marvels! by johntrumbull 

I'll also have a few left of some of my older prints, including: 

LIID 106: Reboots of Future Past! by johntrumbull LIID 100: Ditko League of America! by johntrumbull LIID Tryout Week 3: Watchmen in Tibet by johntrumbull LIID Week 86: Drowning Aquaman! by johntrumbull  LIID Week 82: March M.O.D.O.K. Madness! by johntrumbull LIID Week 81: Star Wars / Comic Book Mashup! by johntrumbull

All prints (except for the Aquaman one) are either 11x17 or 11x14.  Prints will be $10 apiece, or 3 for $25.  I'll also be doing sketches as time & energy allows.  You can add us to your NYCC Show Planner here:…

So come on out, say hi, and buy some stuff!  See you soon!



John Trumbull
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a freelance cartoonist/illustrator living here in Weird NJ. I'm a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. I've done several jobs for the DC Comics licensing department (the coloring books Batman: Swinging Into Action, Superman: Jailbreak! and Krypto the Superdog: Test Pilot Puppy). My work has also been featured on the websites Comic Book Resources, Comics Alliance, i09, Superpunch, The Dork Review, The Mary Sue, and The Aquaman Shrine.

I've written several articles for BACK ISSUE magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing. As of this writing, they are:

BEYOND CAPES: Nemesis: Balancing the Scales (BI #64, May 2013)
FLASHBACK: A New Beginning… And A Probable End: Batman #s 300 & 400 (BI #69, Dec. 2013)
BEYOND CAPES: 221B at DC: Sherlock Holmes at DC Comics (BI #71, April 2014)
PRO2PRO: Watching the Detective (Comics): Mike W. Barr & Alan Davis (BI #73, July 2014)
FLASHBACK: Shrinking Roles and Shorter Features: The Atom in the Bronze Age (BI #76, Oct. 2014)
FLASHBACK: Swords, Sorcery, and Size-Changing: The Sword of the Atom (BI #76, Oct. 2014)
PRO2PRO ROUNDTABLE: Niven's Tale: Larry Niven, The Green Lantern Bible, and the Guardian Known as Ganthet (BI #80, May 2015)
FLASHBACK: DC Comics Deluxe Reprint Series 1983-1988 (BI #81, July 2015)
FLASHBACK: Crisis on Infinite Crossovers: The Post-Crisis Crossovers of DC Comics (BI #82, Aug. 2015)
BACK IN PRINT: Marvel Special Edition Reprints, 1982 to 1985 (BI #86, Feb. 2016)
FLASHBACK: A League Divided: Justice League of America #200 (BI #87, Apr. 2016)

More articles are coming in upcoming issues, #91, 95, 96, 97, and 99.

I also have a text piece in COMIC BOOK CREATOR #2 (Summer 2013) about my former instructor Joe Kubert.

You can order all these issues and more at:

I'm a periodic contributor to the weekly feature The Line It Is Drawn on the Comic Book Resources Website. You can check it out every week over here: goodcomics.comicbookresources.…

The Line It Is Drawn DA Group page is here: the-line-it-is-drawn.deviantar…



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Do you do commissions?
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I have a feeling if we did a OMD theme week, we would just get a bunch of suggestions bashing the story, and God knows there's plenty of that on the internet already. I honestly like to keep my stuff more positive and fun than that.
HeartlessSlayer Featured By Owner May 3, 2013
Makes sense, the only reason I suggested that was because I saw your take on the Sins Past story so it just made me think of OMD since JMS was involved in a way. Speaking of which, do you have any thoughts on Maximum Carnage?
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Nope. Never read it.
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